Who Am I question Mommy Jhy Answer

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Mommy Jhy!

I am a housewife to Daddy Shutterbug. He is a Filipino expat in Doha, Qatar. Yes, we are an OFW family and we have been here since 2008. I used to work in a non-profit computing research institute until I got laid off early this year. According to hubby, I’m in my early retirement.

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I am a mommy to three little explorers. Both kid #1 Ms. Bookworm and kid #2 Mini-Me are girls while kid #3 The Gentle Panda is a boy. I am not a perfect mom but for my kids, “Mommy Jhy is the best mom in the world!”.

I am a Financial Literacy advocate. I am a group administrator in two Facebook groups which discusses financial related topics such as savings, investments etc – The Global Filipino Investors and Peso Matters. I also coach individuals and give talks about personal finance. Please feel free to contact me if you want certain financial topics to be discussed on this blog or if you need a second opinion about financial products that you got.

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I am an entrepreneur. I’m a co-founder of two start-up companies, Mobcly and JARS. Start-up companies mean they don’t earn profits… yet.

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I am an investor. I’m invested in stocks, mutual funds, real estate, a gasoline station and a couple of farms. No, I don’t plan to venture neither in forex or bitcoin.

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I am a flashpacker. Let me explain that term in another post! In a nutshell, it means a backpacker that can afford to spend a little bit more cash.


Question Who Am I?
Who Am I?


It is kinda hard to describe oneself in one sitting though, so I’ll try my best to update this page regularly.

Perhaps, you can join me in my personal journey? You can start by introducing yourself! What keeps you busy nowadays? What keeps your fire burning? If you know people who can benefit from My Favorite Lists, please use the social icons to share! Btw, you can reach me here and here.  😉 


Good night,

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  1. Nice to meet you! I am living the expat life as well. However I live in Granada, Spain. I love all that you do. Running several Facebook groups must be cool and also time-consuming.


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