Weekend Wonderings: Am I Getting Old?

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Hope you had a great weekend, Doha residents!

How are you tonight? Relaxing at home? Preparing to grind tomorrow?

It’s a weekend night and our kids are in dreamland. It’s time for Mommy Jhy to do some weekend wonderings in My Favorite Lists!

How was your first Ramadan weekend this year? How’s the crowd outside? What did you do? What time did you go out? How’s the heat? 

Summer is coming, I can feel it. Or has it arrived already? An avalanche of dust have been arriving at our flat every hour, I kid you not!

Am I getting old? 

I don’t enjoy window shopping anymore. I now find it boring, senseless and a total waste of both time and energy.

We went to Doha Festival City yesterday and most of the shops (even non-food and beverage) were still closed at 6 PM. The kids were disappointed because Borders was closed even though it’s not a restaurant. My son was upset that he can’t eat immediately contrary to his usual mall routine.

While waiting for Borders to open, we passed by IKEA to buy an ironing board. After a couple of shopping bags later we were frustrated to know that they had run out of stock. I guess we have to check out Carrefour tomorrow.


Am I truly getting old? 

How was your Mother’s Day celebration last week? Were you spoiled rotten, super mom?

My family and I stayed at home to escape the impending traffic. We had our dinner celebration last Saturday, anyway. We had pasta and frozen yogurt for late lunch. Then we bought groceries and school supplies afterward. Nothing fancy or else we’ll run out of money celebrating every celebration that we’re supposed to celebrate. (Try saying that 5x!)

My little explorers each gave me colorful handmade cards. I find it hilarious that my son forgot to give his masterpiece to me! I just saw it on top of his pile of drawings while I was organizing his school stuff.

What did your significant other give you as Mother’s Day present? Gardenia roses, Patchi chocolates or Pandora charms?

Would you like to guess what hubby gave me? I’ll give you three hints. It’s strong, big and powerful. 

I received something similar to Electrolux EL4021A Silent Performer Bagless Canister Vacuum with 3-in-1 Crevice Tool and HEPA Filter, Black.

Were you surprised? It’s actually my wish haha! It came a few days later but it was granted nonetheless.

Mother's Day, Electrolux vacuum cleaner
Mother’s Day wish – new vacuum cleaner

Mommy Jhy is getting matured and the items in My Favorite Lists are evolving. It’s all about practicality, baby! Or, am I just getting old?

Practical gifts are the best! They’re durable, useful and cost-effective. I still have my Louis Vuitton bags that hubby gifted me in previous years but they’re now confined in their respective dust bags. Sad, isn’t it? What a waste of money!

My Electrolux vacuum? I can use it every weekday! Its cost per use value will amount to zero after 18 months. Yay, it’s a winner! *happy dance*

Look at this handsome piece of machine! Isn’t he drool-worthy?

Electrolux EL4021A Silent Performer Bagless Canister Vacuum with 3-in-1 Crevice Tool and HEPA Filter, Black

Am I truly getting old that I had wished for a vacuum cleaner as a supposed romantic gift? What about you? Where did you go and what did you do for Mother’s Day? 


Hope you had a great weekend,

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