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14 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry An Investor

14 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry An Investor Mommy Jhy My Favorite Lists

Yay, one more day and Valentine’s Day is here again! Have you dated any stock market,  real estate or angel investors? Is he or she smart and good-looking? You know, brains and looks are not the only factors in determining your life partner. So, think again.

Here are 14 reasons why you should not marry an investor:

  1. He is goal-oriented. If an investor loves you, he will not look at other ladies anymore. He will focus all this attention on you. Through good times and bad, a real estate investor understands hardship and knows how to sacrifice by keeping the end goal in mind.
  2. She is resourceful. A real estate investor reads books, listens to podcasts and networks with other people. She will make an effort to know all your pet peeves and memorize the names of all your friends. If an investor loves you, she will pull out all the stops to make you happy and satisfied.
  3. He is always reachable. An investor is always connected to the internet to check his real estate listings, stock market positions or pitching opportunities. If wifi is not stable, he is likely to keep his phone on at all times. He will never seen-zone your messages.
  4. They watch selected shows and listen to quality podcasts. An angel investor will cuddle up with you and watch Shark Tank for a quiet, relaxing date night. Also, a real estate investor would listen to BiggerPockets podcasts while she cooks your dinner. From automatic dog potty system to no-money-down financing, you’ll never be at a loss for interesting late night conversations!
  5. He can simplify complicated matters into layman’s terms. You will soon know that you cannot buy chubby teddies in a bear market. Have you ever seen a real estate contract or a stock market chart? An investor can explain those to you and still look yummy.
  6. She is persistent. A stock market investor knows that stocks eventually go up after a correction. Similarly, your investing better half won’t give up on you — even when times get tough. An investor will never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down and never gonna run around and desert you.
  7. He is frugal but not cheap. He is intentional with his money and spends on what truly matters. He will not bring you to daily fancy dinners because he will bring you to an out-of-town trip on your birthday. A real estate investor will not waste his money on a nice house in a shady neighborhood but will invest his money in a starter home in a safe district.

    14 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry An Investor Mommy Jhy My Favorite Lists
    14 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry An Investor
  8. She is a great negotiator. A stock market investor is a savvy bargain hunter. She will exhaust all her resources and score great deals for your high-end dinners and overseas trips. She can also negotiate her way out of your petty arguments by simply batting her long eyelashes.
  9. He is decisive. An investor meticulously selects the investment that he will buy. Once he makes an informed decision he will stick to that company stock or piece of real estate. You won’t ever need to fight over which movie to watch or which food to eat!
  10. She takes calculated risks. Whether investors are in the stock market, real estate or angel investing, they are all goal-oriented, resourceful and decisive. They lay a plan and strategize once they have taken everything into consideration. I took a calculated risk when I married hubby and it paid off!
  11. He can manage his emotions. Most stock market investors can control their greed and keep their temper at bay. An investor might mistakenly buy or sell a stock but he will learn from that mistake and try his best to do better next time. You may get into a heated disagreement but he will definitely make up for that.
  12. She knows that every day is not a bed of roses. Real estate investors are aware that there are housing bubbles; stock market investors know there are bearish times and angel investors acknowledge that startup unicorns are rare. Investors know that life is not fair. And, he is aware that he can expect to gain a huge profit after a market correction or a property bubble.
  13. He knows when to cut his losses. An investor knows when to give up on a losing stock. He knows when a stock is hyped as well as when a relationship is forced. He is patient and persistent but, he also knows when to let go.
  14. They know your real worth and value. Stock market investors invest in blue chips, real estate investors know that real beauty can be discovered in foreclosed buildings and angel investors know that profitable startups can be found in a garage. Investors are undeniably persistent and will consistently find ways to improve your relationship. They value money, time and most especially – YOU.


Have you ever dated a stock market or angel investor? Or, are you a real estate investor with a partner that would agree with My Favorite Lists? What are your thoughts? Please share this post with your single friends!

Advance Happy Valentine’s Day!

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50 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry An Investor Leave a comment

  1. This seems like a great list of great qualities for a romantic partner/significant other. I think that someone like this would be a partner who you can definitely build a stable and sustainable future with.


    • Hahaha sabi ng asawa ko sa mga anak namin hindi sya investor kasi “I invest in mommy Jhy” Meron kami pareho na life insurance with vul sa Prulife UK (Exact Protector ang name). Will try to discuss sa blog in the future kasi super haba kung sa comment/reply haha You do have Sunlife mutual fund na diba? Nag start ka na maglagay? OK na yun simula but eventually you’ll find out there are other better investments of funds. Ay ang bad ko haha!

      Liked by 1 person

        • Ganyan siguro yun Prulife UK ko, ask for the plan with a critical illness rider. Nyek, wag ka mag money market mababa lang dun. Try balanced fund (invested in stocks + money market/ bonds etc) or equity fund (invested in stocks).


  2. Wish all men were investors then, right? haha Anyway, those are really good qualities. love most of them. They value YOU most especially. =) They don’t want to lose you. =)


    • Are you based in US or Europe? Either way, you can invest in Philippine, US or European stocks. I think minimum of USD 200 to buy Amazon, Alibaba or Facebook stocks (example) 🙂


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