“Mom, Are We Rich?”

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We were about to leave a mall when our son asked us if we were rich or poor. He specifically said “Mom, are we rich? Why do some of my classmates celebrate their birthdays with a party?” He also added that perhaps his classmates are rich.

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Hubby and I immediately came up with our separate answers: 

Me: Baby (yes, he is almost 7 yr old and I still call him “baby”), having a party does not mean you are “rich”. Maybe the parents of your classmates just want to celebrate their birthdays by having parties. People celebrate special occasions in different ways… For example, we went to the States and celebrated your sister’s 12th birthday at Disney World, right? Can you still remember when we went to Kidzmondo to celebrate your birthday last year? We celebrated your other sister’s birthday last year at Gondolania, remember? Celebrating a birthday by having a party or going to a different country or eating in a formal restaurant is not proof that a person is rich or poor. There are people that cannot or do not celebrate their birthdays, at all.

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Hubby: How sure are you that your classmates are rich? You will never know unless they or their parents tell you how much they own. A person’s physical appearance or clothes isn’t proof of their wealth. Like me, when I had no money, I would always buy expensive gadgets and wear trendy clothes. But now that I earn more, I just wear old t-shirts with holes in them. He laughed so hard, our kids and I broke into boisterous laughter. Hubby is a natural comic, by the way.

The Gentle Panda is quite fond of asking about money lately perhaps because he and his sisters have started receiving a cash allowance to pay for school snacks. He even brought his wallet to the mall and offered to pay for our dinner. He didn’t have enough money, of course, so he ended up pocketing the change. Our kids bring packed snacks and lunch to school every day but they carry a small amount of cash every Thursday to pay for snacks.

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Kids ask the most mind-numbing questions, don’t they? How do you answer that kind of money question? Do you just shush the kids or give details? Our girls don’t ask questions such as this because they are already aware of saving and investing concepts. Please hit the comment button and share with us your suggestions or tips! 


Have a nice day, mommies.

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  1. Omg i remember this question many years back. One of my sibling asked my Mom if we are rich, and guess what? We all received a long #AsianMomstyle of verbal memo, lol

    But honestly, money conversation is quite limit to discuss in our home when we are kids.


  2. I don’t have any kids myself but seems like you have such a sweet relationship with your little one and communication with them is great I will def refer my mommy friends to your blog. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. I try to teach my kids about being rich in heart. And say that money while necessary to live, doesn’t define us as possible. As long as you have enough money to survive, what you really should worry about is if you are kind, if you are generous, if you are patient, etc.


  4. It’s so important to know that there is so much value in things other than money. I grew up the “poor” kid in a very rich town. My parents taught me to find value in things that the people I grew up with never did.

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  5. when m;y son lost his job, the first thing one of the little boys said : “are we going to be homeless?” My son answered: “there are two ways to be rich – one is in money. the other is in relationships. we are not rich in money but we are rich in relationships. we will not be homeless.” I loved that. visiting from Create if Writing group.

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