A Letter To My Daughter On Her Recollection Day At School

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My eldest daughter, Ms.Bookworm, is graduating from 6th grade this June 2018. She and her batchmates recently had a recollection in preparation for their school graduation. Their parents were requested to write letters to their children and then the kids had to reply back. 

Below is my letter to my daughter on her recollection day at school. 

Dear Ms. Bookworm,

I am honestly at loss for words to tell you. I don’t want to say that you should study hard because I say that almost every day. Love your siblings… that’s your father’s usual line. Save your money? You already knew that… and more.
So, as I was racking my brain to write a blog post and my message to you – lightbulb moment!
The 12 Mini-Lectures That Your Parents Want You to Learn:
  1. You are beautiful. Just always wear a smile and you’re all set!
  2. You are smart. Carry on being Trivia Queen, dad just needs to train you on street knowledge.
  3. You are kind. And, when others are mean – continue to be kind to them.
  4. You are loved. Your family love you unconditionally.
  5. Love yourself. Accept your flaws and celebrate your individuality.
  6. Read more books that you did last year. But, read more non-fiction books now that you are older.
  7. Don’t compare yourself to others. Someone will always be better or worst than you.
  8. Continue to dream. Dream for a better future for yourself and for your generation.
  9. The world is your oyster. You can do anything as long as you have the knowledge and determination.
  10. Fail forward. When you encounter a roadblock, come up with alternatives and start again.
  11. Be a (wo)man for others. Serve others selflessly.
  12. You are a blessing to your family. God bless your father and me when He gave you to us.
Yes, these are just mini-lectures! You can always hear the full lectures during meals and before bedtime. On a serious note, as you embark on a new chapter of your life, always remember that dad, mom, Ms. Mini-Me and The Gentle Panda are always beside you. We are your cheering squad! The Gentle Panda’s going to cheer the loudest wink wink.
Mom (and, Dad)

My daughter had said that most of her batchmates cried while reading their letters. Funny though that she laughed after reading hers. 
My family and I share dinner every night, except when hubby has a basketball game or a photoshoot. These nightly meals allow us to talk about our daily activities, weekend plans, and long-term goals. 
When my daughter’s school had their recollection day and asked for a letter from the parents, I didn’t have to write a long and serious note to her. She already knew what I was about to tell her! 
Dear reader, you may use above letter that I wrote to my daughter on her recollection day at school as a template or guide if you need an inspiration. I am sure that you are aware that you can’t exactly copy it anyway because our daughters (or, sons) are unique and different from each other.
Thank you and I wish your children the best in life!
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  1. That’s a very sweet post. My main goal in raising my daughter was to make her independent and self confident – which I find in different words in a couple of your points. I believe that when you are your own person, things might harm you, but they won’t bring you down.

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  2. Mini lecture? I think these are real truths that are often forgotten. Thanks for reminding us all the very basics that we try to teach our kids but often forget to put to use in our own lives 🙂 Loved this post!


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