My Top 5 Frugal Wedding Tips

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Getting married in the Philippines, Qatar or USA is definitely not cheap! Some couples spend millions of money for their dream weddings. Top expenses usually go to the bride’s gown, photo/ video coverage, food catering or the reception venue. That is expected and acceptable. Who wouldn’t want to be the center of attention on their big day, right? And, who wouldn’t want their guests to be well-fed, right?

However, if couples spend their life savings on their wedding preparations then how can they save money for their car, house, travels, future children’s education fund or their own retirement fund? Yes, you also need to pay for groceries and utility bills once you start living together in the same house.

We need to be frugal with our BIG DAY celebrations, soon-to-be-married lovebirds! 

Daddy Shutterbug and I got married in The Transfiguration Chapel in Caleruega, Batangas 5 years ago. It was not cheap because it was a destination wedding and we paid for our wedding entourage and our families’ overnight accommodation. Fortunately, with a lot of thoughtful planning and tight budgeting, we were still able to cut a lot of corners.

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In honor of our fifth wedding anniversary, here are my top 5 frugal wedding tips:

#1 Trim your guest list. This will lessen your catering, invitation cards and souvenir costs, at the minimum. If catering cost is pegged at 1, 000 Pesos per plate and you have 100 guests… you do the math. My mom had actually asked if she can invite a couple of her friends but I had to put my foot down. We only invited up to our second-degree relatives and close friends to make the ceremony intimate and personal. Most of hubby’s relatives live overseas and they can’t travel on a short notice so that saved us a lot of money haha! That was unintentional, Ok!

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#2 Choose a venue that does not need many decors. D and I got married in a quaint little chapel, atop a hill and is surrounded by nature. Getting married in this chapel saved us a lot of money because we only had to put flowers around the aisles instead of decorating the chapel’s both interior and exterior walls. We also held our reception in a big garden, (slightly) overlooking Taal Volcano. Fresh air and no additional flowers required.

December 14, 2012. Transfiguration Chapel, Caleruega, Batangas.

#3 Buy outfits off the rack. We bought D’s outfit at H & M and Marks & Spencer shops in Qatar. Until now he still uses his wedding outfit as his office attire, except for the bow tie of course. We got my white weddings shoes at Aldo, unfortunately, I have already disposed of it because it got ruined after washing. Buying off the rack saves you a lot of money as long as you’re not finicky!

#4 Book your suppliers during wedding fairs. Wedding fairs are usually held in the Philippines every June and December. We were able to get at least a 25% discount on our wedding invitation cards and missalette covers because we booked them in a wedding fair. We were also given a 10% discount on the bridal car which we got at the same event. Most suppliers are considerate and they offer affordable payment schemes.

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#5 Have an inexpensive but meaningful cake. Our wedding cake was not just inexpensive, it was also meaningful to both of us. It consisted of three layers: Pizza Hut delivery box, Louis Vuitton bag and Nike gym bag. The groom used to work at Pizza Hut and we met while he’s at work. For the first few years of living in Qatar, D would gift me with LV bags because that is his payment for everything that I spent on his behalf while we were still dating. Like a typical Filipino guy, he is a basketball player oh, I meant a sports buff 😉 . The wedding cake topper is of us riding our first ever vehicle – a jeep. A simple three-layered white cake costs at least 10, 000 Pesos. So, why not spend (almost) the same amount on a personalized one?

Three-layered wedding cake

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I hope that you’re able to have some frugal ideas for your dream wedding, lovely couples! There are several ways to save money on wedding expenses but, I merely wrote these tips in honor of our 5th wedding anniversary. To summarize: Trim your guest list, choose a venue that does not need many wedding decors,  buy outfits off the rack, book your suppliers during wedding fairs and have an inexpensive but meaningful cake.

Always remember that it is much better to invest in your marriage than spend on your wedding costs!

bride and groom kissing at altar
It is much better to invest in your marriage than spend on your wedding costs!

Do you think this article might help you save money for your upcoming wedding? I would appreciate a comment or two. If you know people who can benefit from My Favorite Lists, please use the social icons to share!

wedding paper balloons
Invest in your marriage, not spend on your wedding.

Good night,

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  1. These are wonderful tips! I love efficiency and resourcefulness. 👍🏼 Your cake is adorable … and so meaningful. Here’s to you, your love and years of happiness ahead. 💞🥂 xo Evelyn, PathofPresence 🦋


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